Go to any home improvement store and there will be dozens of products to get rid of pests. So, when do you need to skip that aisle and hire a professional exterminator? Here are 3 excellent reasons to keep your home bug free.

1. Store-bought products aren’t working

Most over-the-counter pest control products aren’t applied correctly. And often you may only be spraying where you see the bugs but not where they are breeding. Even if you get rid of the pests for a while, these products won’t prevent them.

A pest control professional chooses the best products for the job and the best way to apply them. He/she can also identify where/how the bugs are getting into the house. That is the best way to stop the infestation.

2. Worried about the safety of people and pets

Pesticides are toxic but the last thing you want is to develop a breathing problem or end up with a huge vet bill. This isn’t time to play guessing games. Professional grade pesticides work better and a trained professional can apply them correctly. There’s another plus: humans and pets exposed to these chemicals have few risks. If you need to remove your pets for a period of time, the exterminator will give you detailed instructions.

3. Exterminator’s Guarantee

Few things are more frustrating than spending lots of money on products that aren’t solving the problem. Most exterminators offer a guarantee on their services so you know exactly what you’re going to spend and the results. That saves you time, money and heartache.